About Infinite Green Energy

IGE is committed and aligned to transitioning WA as an emerging net zero emissions economy.

The mid and north west coast of WA have some of the most significant solar and wind radiance resources in the world, these resources are required for commercial-scale renewable developments and IGE Arrowsmith project is strategically located with access to road and rail infrastructure, is adjacent to the ocean and gas pipelines and our vast available land holdings are positioned where the renewable energy potential is greatest.

Renewable hydrogen is an emerging resource that will play an important role in tomorrow’s energy mix. IGE’s strategy is to builds on the State’s renewables potential, technical expertise and global reputation to further position IGE and Western Australia as a key player in future energies domestically and globally.

IGE is well placed to be the pioneer in the renewable hydrogen industry in practical and strategic ways. We present the ability to enable reductions in energy costs, decarbonise local industry and create a new and significant export opportunity. We possesses the knowhow, capital, and impetus to transition the domestic industry to net zero emissions and become a global renewable energy generator, complementing the states existing global energy exports with renewable energy exports.

Infinite Green Energy will provide green hydrogen end to end infrastructure