Valle Peligna Green Hydrogen Project

Infinite Green Energy Italia has been developing its Green Hydrogen project for over 18months in central Italy. The Valle Peligna project will be one of the first Green Hydrogen projects at scale and the largest in South Europe. Initial production of 12 tonnes (12,000kg) per day of green hydrogen.

The plant is located in central Italy between East/West coasts, will meet green H2 offtakers needs in “Hard to Abate” Industry, Heavy Vehicles (Trucks) and Public Mobility (trains and buses). Green hydrogen will be produced utilising a combination of renewable energy from solar (45MW) and wind (72MW), displacing 67,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Valle Peligna is expected to come online second half of 2025 and will serve the industrial Valle Peligna energy and heavy transportation markets.

Project Details

  • 30MW of electrolyser capability
  • Carbon offset in heavy industry and transportation
  • Power source renewable energy