Green Hydrogen is Proven Technology
& Growing Fast

One of the key obstacles to the adoption of green hydrogen has been high renewable power prices – this is changing rapidly. IGE’s location is one of the best in Australia generating low-cost Electricity ($46MW/hr) and Hydrogen (≤$3/Kg).

Deloitte Nov 2019 study identifies the potential of green hydrogen as the “Energy of the Future”. Under this scenario, hydrogen becomes a fuel of choice around the world with global production of 233.7 Mtpa at a 15% CAGR.

Goldman Sacs Dept 2020 equity research report estimates the green hydrogen economy to be valued at €10 trillion by 2050 for utilities industry alone.

“The green hydrogen market could generate revenues – at the very least – of US$12 trillion by 2050” Andrew Forrest

Wood Mackenzie estimates that the current installed base of green hydrogen electrolyser capacity is about 94MW (US$365m) BUT estimates the pipeline of new projects is 3.2GW and growing expediently.