Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant stage I & II

Our foundation project is the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant, producing up to 23 tonnes (23,000kg) per day of green hydrogen. The plant, located in Western Australia, north of Perth, will be domiciled in an area with exemplary renewable energy resources. Green hydrogen will be produced utilising a combination of renewable energy from solar (65MW) and wind (132MW), displacing 118,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. The project is expected to come online in 2025 and will serve the domestic Western Australian energy and transport markets. And Arrowsmith stage IIĀ  is an expansion that includes the production of up to 42 tonnes (42,000kg) per day.

Project Details

  • Stage I in 23 and stage II in 42 tonnes per day of Hydrogen production
  • 118,000 tonnes per annum of CO2 avoided
  • Carbon offset of energy and transport markets