Green Hydrogen VS The Rest

Hydrogen can be produced from various sources and is commonly referred to by different colours:

Produced from coal (brown or lignite) ~71% of total

Produced from steam methane reforming ~27% of total

Produced from steam methane reforming paired with carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Hydrogen is produced exclusively from renewable electricity & produces zero carbon emissions

Green Hydrogen VS Blue Hydrogen

How Green Hydrogen is produced?

Currently, about 96% of hydrogen globally is produced from hydrocarbons and the remaining 4% is green hydrogen produced from renewable electricity via electrolysis.

Electrolysis is an electrochemical reaction that uses electricity to split molecules into their constituent atoms

In hydrogen production, electrolysis occurs in a device called an electrolyser, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen

Hydrogen produced via electrolysis is high purity, around 99.999% but hydrogen produced via fossil fuels has high levels of impurity and requires treatment before use.