Who We Are

Our mission and goals are to be a pioneer of green hydrogen developments in the region, leveraging our domain expertise in developing renewable hydrogen projects that facilitate the transitioning of the Australian economy towards net zero emissions.

Our ethos engrained in our culture is to leverage our natural resources including water, solar and wind energy through alliances proven technology partners, to deliver commercial scale projects that deliver renewable hydrogen to the evolving domestic and international markets.

Our uniqueness is in our ability to leverage our expertise to commercialise large scale green Hydrogen production.

Infinite Green Energy is a vertically integrated business, offering advisory, engineering and design, with a focus of developing projects that we build own and operate.

Our vision is to establish IGE as a leader in the green hydrogen sector and elevate Australia on the global stage by demonstrating the country has the technology, skills and entrepreneurial mindset to be ahead of the pack in the development of green hydrogen projects. “We are hard at work establishing projects that will assist us in growing not just domestically but also internationally. We are excited to facilitate and be at the forefront of the transformation to zero emissions economy and establish Australia in the world stage in demonstrating this capability”.

Stephen Gauld

Founder & Managing Director