Infinite Green Energy & Port Anthony Renewable Joint Venture

This project links our foundation work at Arrowsmith (WA) and fuses the national heavy freight networks and developments in Western Australia with the transport network in Victoria.

The purposely designed facility will be located at Port Welshpool, less than 200km east of the Victorian capital of Melbourne. It’s envisaged liquefaction and storage will be at the port for ease of export in Domestic Victoria and to IGE Asia Pacific markets under development. The existing port de-risks our LH2 production to Asia Pacific with our second port.

Victoria has all the right elements for establishing a renewable hydrogen economy – solar, wind, hydroelectricity, education, deep water port, initial hydrogen technology cluster, freight route and gas and electricity networks.

And Port Welshpool is the ideal location.

Steeped in heavy industry, the Port Welshpool site and the immediate area has historically provided direct employment for many hundreds of people, and the result is a region boasting extensive wealth of knowledge, people with expertise and the fortitude to provide benefits to the state of Victoria and Australia as a whole – as they have proven to do so in the past.

Picture: Existing Norwegian LH2 Vessel