Massive 1000MW “baseload” wind, solar and hydrogen plant pitched for NSW

New South Wales could become host to one of Australia’s first solar, wind and hydrogen “baseload” power plants, under a multi-billion dollar plan pitched for the state.

The massive proposal, to be dubbed “Project NEO” would see up to 1000MW of combined wind, solar and hydrogen fuel cell generation capacity deployed in New South Wales, delivering continuous power to the state.

The $3.5 billion concept proposed by Infinite Green Energy would see the delivery of a zero emissions “baseload” supply of electricity to the New South Wales grid and aims to transition a range of energy intensive industries to running on 100 per cent renewables by 2027.

“A traditional weakness with solar and wind energy is the variability associated with a reliance on natural seasonal changes and conditions,” the company said in a statement.

“By converting the solar and wind energy into Green Hydrogen, it is possible to provide electricity when there is no wind, a cloudy day or limited to zero sun exposure at night via its Fuel Cell Technology.”

Infinite Green Energy is a relative newcomer to the Australian energy scene, but which is being led by a team of executives with a range of experience previously from the oil and gas sector.

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