Infinite Green Energy COO speaks at Australia-China Decarbonisation Roundtable

Hydrogen is here and it’s already being used to fuel trucks, buses, and cars – and we’re not talking concepts. These vehicles are in scaled production. Infinite Green Energy (IGE) was invited to speak at the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) Australia-China Decarbonisation Roundtable, where our COO Yolanda Zhao spoke about the changes taking place on the streets of China during her recent business trip.

Yolanda shared that 12,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are already on the roads across 67 Chinese cities. Hydrogen has a crucial role to play in the bilateral partnership between China and Australia. The applications for low-emissions vehicles are many – from personal transport and public transport to heavy haulage trucks and mining plants.

Australia is already a hydrogen leader. We have the resources, capabilities, and expertise to fuel Asia and Europe. With petrol and diesel engine cars starting to be banned from 2025 in some countries, the end of oil is getting closer. But the hydrogen era is just getting started.