Infinite Green Energy CEO presents at World Hydrogen Day

The availability of hydrogen-powered vehicles and refuelling stations was a key discussion topic at the 5th World Hydrogen Day in Perth over the weekend, and IGE managing director Stephen Gauld was right at the heart of it. Today, there is a limited supply of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen refuelling stations, but at IGE we are excited to be at the forefront of the transition to a decarbonised Australian economy.

Stephen spoke about the challenge of addressing the shortage of hydrogen fuel, and how our projects at Arrowsmith and Northam will create a network of renewable hydrogen fuelling stations. Following his presentation, Stephen and the ‘next generation’ of IGE had the chance to enjoy a ride in a Toyota Mirai – the next-generation hydrogen fuel cell car.

presentation from Peter Kasprzak, the chairman of Innovate Australia, on the Hydrogen Highway. Peter said that for every one litre of diesel consumed, 2.68kg of CO2 emissions are released. Peter also revealed that if the emissions from one litre of diesel were represented by a 1kg bag of flour, a truck releases one of these bags every few hundred meters along our freeways and highways.

Australia must not be merely a participant in renewable hydrogen technology and innovation, but a beacon of leadership – so it was also great to get an update from Bill Johnston, the Minister for Mines, Petroleum, Energy, Hydrogen and Industrial Relations, on the portfolio of projects in WA and the @WA Government’s Hydrogen Strategy.