Infinite Green Energy: Fuelling the future with green hydrogen

If you hadn’t heard of Infinite Green Energy a month ago, you definitely will have today. In the last four weeks the Australian hydrogen specialist secured funding to build a $300m green hydrogen plant in Western Australia and unveiled bold billion-dollar plans to transition New South Wales from fossil fuel-based electricity to green hydrogen by 2027.

Infinite Green Energy (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy) wants to enable a sustainable green hydrogen future from water, solar and wind energy, with no carbon debt. At the centre of this vision is Stephen Gauld (picturedabove), IGE’s founder and Managing Director. With more than 20 years’ experience in the oil & gas sector, Gauld believes this was the right time for IGE to enter the market.

“Covid-19 has opened the world’s eyes to our reliance on fossil fuels and the need to move to renewable energy. In the last two months we’ve achieved a 10% reduction of global CO2 emissions due to the fact that no one is able to travel at the moment,” Gauld told H2 View.

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