‘Complex transition’: 4 experts weigh in on Australia’s path to a clean energy future

Australia is on its way to a clean energy transition. But like any generational shift, investors will need to accept the complexities involved as commercial models are adapted over a 10-20 year time horizon.

Stockhead recently spoke to four experts in the space to get an update on developments from professionals involved on the ground.

The catalyst was a recent documentary, Planet of the Humans, produced by film-maker Michael Moore which questioned whether clean energy creates more pollution that it saves.

But the experts we spoke to disputed some of the broader claims, and advocated for a patient approach.

However, that doesn’t mean viable commercial models can’t be built in the meantime using technologies that can at least reduce the overall carbon footprint.

One executive involved in the space is Stephen Gauld, managing director of WA-based company Infinite Green Energy (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy). Gauld pivoted from a 20-year career in oil & gas to found IBE in 2017, and work on solutions that generate hydrogen power through sources such as solar and wind, rather than gas.

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