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Stock Insiders: Infinite Green Energy has first-mover advantage in the booming green hydrogen market

Stock Insiders is a new podcast series focussed on investing hosted by renowned business journalist Oriel Morrison. The program is sponsored by Barclay Pearce Capital, Australia’s leading corporate advisory and equities trading firm.

In this episode Oriel interviews Stephen Gauld, founder and managing director of Infinite Green Energy.

Infinite Green energy is a true zero carbon commercial green hydrogen producer (formerly Infinite Blue Energy), the first of its kind in Australia.

The company appeared in a Stockhead article in June following the release of a CEFC study confirming the near-term commercial viability of green hydrogen.

To hear more about the company’s 2021 progress and future plans, click below.

Xodus to deliver EIA for Australian green hydrogen project

Global energy consultancy Xodus Group, headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, has won a contract to carry out initial phase one work for Australia’s first large-scale, renewable-energy fuelled liquid hydrogen production plant. The Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project…

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Australia’s largest green hydrogen plant advances towards execution in early 2021

Infinite Green Energy’s (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy) landmark green hydrogen project near Perth, Australia reached a new milestone this week with the installation of a weather monitoring system.

This means IGE now has live solar and wind data being tracked every 10 minutes at its Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project, enabling the final design of wind turbines and solar panels to be optimised for the planned production rate of 23 tonnes per day of zero carbon green hydrogen.

IBE said initial data from the Fulcrum3D SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging), which will support the final investment decision (FID), indicates that the Arrowsmith site, just South of Dongara, is exceptionally high in solar and wind resources, paving the way for the production of green hydrogen with zero carbon debt…

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Countries Roll Out Green Hydrogen Strategies, Electrolyzer Targets

Countries are increasingly embedding green hydrogen’s potential to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors within ambitious strategies. In December, Canada joined a long list of countries, which includes France, Japan, Australia, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Chile, and Finland, as well as the European Union, with plans to stimulate the production of hydrogen.

The policies take into account an explosion of global interest in the gas, which is dominantly being produced with methane and coal today. According to the International Energy Agency’s Hydrogen Projects Database, nearly 320 green hydrogen production demonstration projects have been announced worldwide—a total of about 200 MW of electrolyzer capacity—with new projects being added on almost a weekly basis.

Image Courtesy: Toshiba

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Hydrogen is hot in the green world

Hydrogen has a few key things going for it. Firstly, when it burns its burns clean. There are an ideal replacement for fossil fuels. Remember around 20% of all CO2 emissions come from industry.

Hydrogen could radically reduce this figure. For example hydrogen, when removing the oxygen from Iron Ore, creates water vapour rather than CO2.

Hydrogen could also be used as a clean solution for fuelling vehicles as well as heating buildings. Once again its clean usage makes it an ideal candidate.

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WA continues push to become green hydrogen superpower

French renewables giant Engie and Pilbara ammonia producer Yara have secured $2 million in funding from a West Australian Government seemingly determined to transform the state into a renewable hydrogen superpower.

The State Government announced on Friday it will pump $2 million from its Renewable Hydrogen Fund (RHF) into the Yuri Green Ammonia Project, a large-scale renewable hydrogen and ammonia development on the Burrup Peninsula in the state’s northwest.

The project partners will initially install a 10 MW solar farm and electrolyser to transition Yara’s existing ammonia plant’s dependence on natural gas to renewable hydrogen. The plans also cater for a significant expansion up to 500 MW in coming years with the solar energy used to produce renewable hydrogen, which will in turn be used to produce green ammonia for export to global markets.

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Image: Yara

HY on the agenda as a diesel substitute

Hydrogen is getting hype and investment in Australia as a freight fuel of the future but not everyone is convinced.

The alternative truck-propulsion outlook is beset with experts of various stripes debating battery electric vehicles (BEV) versus hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV).

Interestingly, global truckmakers and their prospective disruptors are fuelling this development – the former by having something of a bet each way and the latter by having the two biggest names, Tesla and Nikola, championing one or the other.

This coalescing of positions – with the truckmakers settling on a mantra of battery electric for local and regional tasks and fuel cells for long-haul, or what passes for that in the US and Europe – has led to academics and experts to look deeper into the details.

This, while energy companies including, increasingly, those operating in Australia, are progressing plans to get the hydrogen supply infrastructure in position to support what state governments like to call the hydrogen economy.

Image: Fuso Vision F-CELL light truck concept

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WA courts Germany with its renewable hydrogen, hosts inaugural Renewable Hydrogen Roundtable

With the joint-feasibility study between Australia and Germany into the viability of a renewable hydrogen supply chain between the two nations now underway, Western Australia, perhaps the most eager Australian state to establish a green hydrogen export industry, has hosted an inaugural roundtable with some of the two nations biggest industry hitters.

Germany and Australia shook hands on an agreement for a joint feasibility study into green hydrogen production and trade back in September. Since then, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has been announced as the leader of a consortium of research and industry partners from both nations to test the viability of a renewable energy-based hydrogen supply chain between the countries. And this week, representatives of from Germany and Western Australia (WA) have met for a Renewable Hydrogen Roundtable to discuss opportunities to partner and collaborate on a shared green hydrogen future.

Earlier this month, German Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek described the UNSW-led consortium as the “Wasserstoffbrücke,” or “hydrogen bridge”, a joint-feasibility study to gauge the viability of a green hydogen supply chain between the two countries. Of course, given its natural resources and eager policies, WA is as good a place as any to begin the Australian side of the bridge.

This Renewable Hydrogen Roundtable was the first meeting of its kind since Germany and Australia shook hands with intent to partner on a green hydrogen future. WA’s Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan hosted the event and was joined by representatives from some of the two countries big commercial hitters, including ThyssenKrupp, Siemens, Daimler AG, Woodside, BHP, Yara Pilbara, and Fortescue Metals Group.

Image: Risen Energy

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Australia’s largest green hydrogen plant progresses

Also in October, Infinite Green Energy Ltd (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy) partnered up with international energy services provider Petrofac to deliver its landmark green hydrogen project, Arrowsmith, as the project moved towards the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase.

The FEED phase will support the Final Investment Decision (FID) of the $350 million project in 2021.

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Massive green hydrogen project signs network deal with Western Power

Plans for a massive green hydrogen production facility in Western Australia are a step closer to realisation, after the proponents secured an agreement with Western Power to undertake initial studies for new transmission network link.

Infinite Green Energy (formerly Infinite Blue Energy) is proposing to build one of the world’s largest renewable hydrogen production facilities in Western Australia, with a $350 million plan for the Arrowsmith green hydrogen project that would include over 190MW of onsite wind and solar projects and the ability to produce as much as 23 tonnes of zero emissions hydrogen each day.

While the Infinite Green Energy plans to produce more than three-quarters its power needs from the onsite renewable energy projects, the company has secured an agreement to partner with Western Power to undertake initial planning work for an additional 330kV transmission network link to the proposed green hydrogen facility.

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IGE, Western Power partner on Australia’s largest green hydrogen plant

Infinite Green Energy’s (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy) landmark A$350m green hydrogen project moved forward today with the announcement the green hydrogen specialist has partnered with Western Power for the 330 kilovolt (KV) power line.

The Australian company today said it has signed a cooperative agreement with Western Australian government statutory corporation Western Power to progress its Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project.

Located north of Perth, Australia, the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project will produce 23 tonnes of green hydrogen per day, once completed, with the ability to be expanded to a global scale plant supporting the export of liquid hydrogen to the Asia-Pacific region.

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Petrofac wins contract for green-hydrogen project in Australia

The Engineering and Production Services (EPS) business of Petrofac Ltd. (St. Helier, U.K.) has been awarded its first-ever green hydrogen Front End Engineering Design (FEED) contract for Australia’s largest commercial-scale green hydrogen complex.

The contract for the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project represents a significant strategic step in Petrofac’s continued expansion into new and renewable energy and quickly follows its recently announced award and partnerships to support Carbon Capture Storage and hydrogen projects in the UK and abroad. Last month the company pledged its commitment to reach Net Zero emissions by 2030, with its EPS business expected to achieve Net Zero by 2025.

Globally, many organizations are developing sustainability and energy initiatives centered around hydrogen, including projects in the U.S., Canada, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Spain, China, Portugal and Japan.

Awarded by Infinite Green Energy Ltd (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy), Petrofac’s scope of work includes reviewing the conceptual work carried out on the project to date and the execution of the FEED study. The scope will be undertaken by Petrofac’s teams in Perth, Western Australia and Woking, England.

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Infinite Green Energy progresses Perth green hydrogen plant

Infinite Green Energy (formerly Infinite Blue Energy) has partnered with Petrofac for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of its $350 million Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project to be constructed north of Perth, according to reports.

Petrofac, an international energy services firm, will progress the Arrowsmith project to support a final investment decision in early 2021.

Destined to become Australia’s largest green hydrogen production facility based on wind and solar energy, production will begin in 2025 of 23 tonnes of green Hydrogen per day from zero carbon energy sources.

The plant will be supplied by around 65MW of solar power, supplemented by 132MW of wind generation.

The Arrowsmith plant will be scalable, with the ability to be replicated in other areas of regional Australia to provide green hydrogen energy.

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6PR: The bold plans for trucks to run on hydrogen energy

Chief Executive Officer of Infinite Green Energy (formerly Infinite Blue Energy) Stephen Gauld joins Gareth Parker to discuss the future and potential of hydrogen energy in Australia.

Construction of Australia’s first 100% green hydrogen plant near Dongara is due to begin next year.

Stephen also explained to Gareth how trucks could one day run on hydrogen energy.

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Petrofac to support Australia’s largest commercial-scale green hydrogen project

Petrofac has been awarded its first ever green hydrogen front end engineering design (FEED) contract.

The London-headquartered energy service firm will work on the landmark Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project, which will become Australia’s largest commercial-scale green hydrogen complex.

Last month the company pledged its commitment to reach Net Zero emissions by 2030, with its EPS business expected to achieve Net Zero by 2025.

Under the contract, awarded by Infinite Green Energy Ltd (IGE, formerly Infinite Blue Energy), Petrofac will review the conceptual work carried out on the project to date and the execution of the FEED study.

The work will be undertaken by Petrofac’s teams in Perth, Western Australia and Woking, England.

Petrofac will draw up a design, cost and schedule estimation to support final investment decision.

Located in Western Australia, the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project is expected to commence production in 2025 and will generate 23 tonnes of green hydrogen per day from the zero carbon energy sources of water, solar and wind.

The project is expected to drive significant growth in regional jobs, energy security and a considerable reduction in Western Australia’s carbon emissions. Petrofac is working diligently to anticipate an early production target for IGE.

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