Corporate Advisors

FRONTIER IMPACT GROUP provides specialist skills and financing capability to help build and mobilise innovative solutions to help the environment. We work with a selective group of solutions and commercialisation technologies including hydrogen, renewable energy & storage, vertical faming, fertilizer manufacturing, smart farming systems and others.

Jennifer Lauber Patterson

Managing Director of Frontier Impact Group and Director of Climate Crisis Capital

Jennifer’s passion for pursuing sustainable outcomes occurred 25 years ago when she pioneered one of the first green electricity deals in the Australia which lead her to a career in banking where she established positive environmental initiatives at ANZ and NAB. Jennifer founded Frontier impact Group so she could empower others to drive efforts to a more sustainable planet and demonstrate it is possible. Jennifer is driven by giving people hope that we have in our power and ability to do something to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Mal Campbell

Investment Advisor of Frontier Impact Group and Director of Climate Crisis Capital

Mal’s passion over the last 30 years has been to support innovative energy solutions. Mal key strength is his financial modelling capability and his strong ability to assist in the commercialisation of energy and other solutions that lead to reducing the impact of Climate Change.